Decent condition, has side steps, gauges, taillights, and only has surface rust. https://youtu.be/RycrIcaqPGI


This frame was being prepared for a long arm conversion kit, the control arm mounts have been cut, but other than that the frame is solid and not bent. This is a 4CYL frame and again the stock control arm mounts are cut. https://youtu.be/cj5EM1pIhpg


This frame is perfectly straight and very very solid. This frame is an original CJ-2A frame with a factory front bumper and aftermarket tow hitch. The battery tray is intact with its original grounding. The frame is rust free and a great place to start a Jeep build or rebuild. 90 day warranty. https://youtu.be/xVcRmBkOT0A


It is in good shape all around, and is the grey with yellow, blue, red, and green stripes.


This transfer case appears to be rebuilt, due to the seals and thread cleanliness, it has been decreased and painted, and the bolts are bound with wire as they are supposed to be.


2016 Jeep Compass Drivers side inner door panel, has mirror switch and windows/lock switches.